Sharing Handmade Creations with the World

I'm an automation engineer but I love making things with my own hands! It's great to use machines for some things but I love being able to use the freedom of customization, "hand" detailing that could only be done manually and transfer my positive energy and passion to others.

My inspiration for knitting and crafting was passed to me by my mommy Tamara. When I was a kid, I was growing up during the tough post-Soviet era in Ukraine when there was nothing to eat or buy because the country was a mess. My mom started knitting for our family and then others. I used to help her knit and crochet. She recently immigrated to live with me and gave me an idea to start knitting again and share our creations with others.

I started this shop to bring to you some high quality, positively made and affordable knitted/crocheted creations. I'm always opened to suggestions and I'll be happy to make you any variation or color of offered creations posted in the store. And don't hesitate to ask any questions about any listing. I want to make it easy and fast for you!


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